Kevin M Testimonial

I took the vehicle in because of a noise it made sometimes, but not all the time. It was very difficult to describe the noise so the mechanic came out to the parking lot with me to examine the car in order to determine what it was so he could provide an accurate estimate of the repair time and costs. Shortly after he started it and moved the car a little, we heard the noise and he was able to immediately diagnose the noise as being a cracked heat shield. He told me it would take about an hour to fix. In fact, it only took 30 minutes, and to my surprise this repair was covered under the warranty so there was no cost at all. The service was excellent from the time I called to book and appointment, to the service desk person calling a mechanic out to speak to me about the noise, to him coming with me to investigate it, his prompt diagnosis and repair, and finally the surprise that there was no charge at all. This service center is excellent in every respect.